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What Makes the USA the Holy Grail for Students?

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By : Dhruv Shah, Partner



Are you looking to spark up your resume with the USA study stamp? Over the last few years, the USA has been a popular destination among students. It is the home to the world’s top universities like Harvard, Stanford University, Trinity University, and the list goes on. These are popular university choices for a student visa for the USA from India. Universities of the USA are more versatile, flexible, practical, and offers outstanding educational programs to meet the actual need of the industries. 

If you are not really sure about America, then you surely need to rethink about your universities list. Let’s do one thing, we will list out the top reasons why the USA is the leading destination for the study purpose, and then you can make a final decision. Fair enough? Also, make sure to hire services of reliable consultancy for the USA study visa process

1. Academic Excellence


The USA is considered having an excellent education system and offers excellent programs in almost all disciplines. Even at the undergraduate level, there are numerous outstanding programs available in conventional as well as professional fields. Even at the master’s and Ph.D. degrees, students get the chance to work with the finest researchers in the world. The best part of the syllabus is practical knowledge, which might not be the case everywhere. 



The country offers a flexible education system where students can change major subjects or can apply for multiple specializations at a time. Isn’t it amazing, guys? It provides the freedom to tailor the program at the advanced stage of undergraduate to meet a certain set of skills like combining jazz music with the medicine. Even students at the graduation level have the freedom to complete the course credit at their own pace within the set timeframe.   

3. A Destination for groundbreaking Research


If you are the one who is more keen on research and technologies, then the USA is the destination. The country is the forerunner in terms of technology and academic excellence. The country emphasizes on the latest updates in the field of biotechnology, engineering, medicines, research, and related fields. The end result is that they prepare students for the job situation by equipping them with the right knowledge and training.  

4. Lucrative Job Opportunities



Once you complete the degree, you are liable and authorized to work in the country for a year by just applying for Optional Practical Training. Many companies hire international students during the OPT period and sponsor them for H1-B or work visa. It is the visa that is granted to the employer for hiring foreign employees, and under this visa, you are allowed to stay and work in the country. 

5. Career Enhancement


Enhance your career prospects with the USA university degree. Its degree is widely recognized. Most employers have great confidence that a student of these universities possesses excellent skills as compared to other candidates. Many companies are looking for students with a degree from a foreign country and a degree from US university adds a cherry on the cake.  

6.Great support for International students


USA Universities understand the pain of living and studying in a foreign country, and to ease the uncomfortableness, they provide great support to international students. Universities offer support and guidance for visa status, part-time job, accommodation, career opportunities, and lots more.  

7.Financial Support


Financial support is another reason to say yes for the USA study program. The US universities take a major initiative for the students towards financial aid. Major universities of the country offer student loans, grants, and stipends to meet the daily expenses as well as tuition fees. University assistantship is another initiative provided on the basis of merit and academic excellence. Certain colleges offer an on-campus work program for a particular kind of job, so again it is a great chance to meet the financial need of a student.   

8. Diversity in educational opportunities


Another best reason why the USA is the best country for students is because of its vast diversity in educational opportunities. Almost every educational course is structured in such a way that it lays emphasis on building a strong foundation of the field with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It offers a platform for students to explore unusual or specific subjects. So, if you are planning to study something unique and new, then this is the country to turn your dream into reality.   

9. Campus Life


If you want to explore diversity in college life, then the USA is the right place. The campus offers diversity in terms of culture, education, athletic, training, and lots more. It helps the students to make new friends from different parts of the world. You can also enroll in various clubs and activities to cherish these golden moments forever.   

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