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Top 5 Universities For Studying Abroad

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By : Shailvi Khatri, Partner

Top Universities

Studying abroad is some time to a dream and parents spend every penny and savings to send their kids to study abroad. We already know why it is so important to study abroad and there are of course some of the best reasons for studying abroad. Now sending your kids outside for study is not that easy and it takes lots of research otherwise you might end up destroying your kid’s future.

Every coin has two sides; one reflects the positive side whereas the other would make you face the negative side as well. Studying abroad can be very risky as well and the toughest decision here is to choose the university. There are many universities outside so that might confuse you a bit and you might even get manipulated but you have to make a correct decision otherwise things can get wrong here.

It is always better to target the best university in this case as that would ensure a bright future and at the same time, you would not be cheated by top universities which is great. If you are wondering about some of the top universities to study in, then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:

University of Oxford:

Top Universities

Source: oxfordna.org

This university in the United Kingdom has been maintaining the first rank in the countdown of top universities for a long time and there is no wonder why this university is considered the most prestigious ones in the whole world. You would be amazed to know that this university has topped the list of the best university for the fourth time which is great for sure.

This university is the oldest in the United Kingdom and this university is famous worldwide and this is the reason that it is not at all easy to get a chance at this university. This place has over 20,000 students and the best thing is that the students who have studied from this university are the first preference for any company.

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California Institute of Technology:

Top Universities

Source: independent.co.uk

This college does not have too many students rather it has about 2,500 students and this is unexpected for a college that is so good that it ranked in the second number in the list of best universities in the world. The college authority makes sure to keep the staff and student ratio balanced and they work on each student very carefully so that avoid having too many students at a time.

Since this college doesn’t have too many seats so the competition is very serious in this case and you have to be very bright for getting a chance at this university. Students who graduated from this university are never unemployed rather they get a chance in Top Companies with a handsome salary.

University of Cambridge:

Top Universities

Source: emba.cuhk.edu.hk

This is again a huge university that has better options for you and this university is so amazing that it has secured the third position in the list of top universities. This university has got almost 18,000 students for different subjects and you would also be able to get your favorite subject here at this university. This college is a huge one so it has to go different parts and there are about 31 colleges under this university which are great so you if you failed to get a chance at Oxford University then you can try your luck in this university.

Stanford University:

Top Universities

Source: insider.com

This is again a great university where you can get your higher studies done and the best thing about this university is that many students who studied from this university are now proud businessmen or owners of the well-known company and they even secured a good job for themselves which is great.

Along with a good study system, this university has amazing teachers that would take care of the future of the kids who would come to study at this university. This university is very tough about their selection process so you have to be very careful during that time and you should also have good higher secondary marks.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Top Universities

Source: mit.edu

This is one of the oldest as well as, trusted universities that you can check out and this university is teaching students since the 19th century. This university is doing great in terms of studying and that is why it is on the list of best universities. They make sure to work on each of their students so that everyone could have a bright and great future.

Top Universities

Source: pexels.com

These were some of the top universities that you need to check out and then you can make a wise decision of selecting the University for your Kid’s Further Studies.

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