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Study In Paris – 7 Think Throughs To Stir Your Idea

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By : Dhruv Shah, Partner



What comes to your mind when you hear the name PARIS

The City of Love and Romance?

True indeed!

But, do you know that the French capital city offers unending opportunities for the students to pursue their studies?

Studying abroad in Paris can shape up your career – it is the home to some top-grade universities in the world. 

And here’s another interesting fact – Paris with its rich heritage, iconic sights, and charming people won’t put forth a single dull day in your life, even if you are a student busy attending lectures and working on projects or assignments. 

That’s the beauty of Paris!

In the forthcoming sections, we will scoop out some alluring reasons that can answer your obvious question – “Why Paris to study?


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Now, let’s start the affair of Paris & Study!

It’s Cheaper. Really!

Studying abroad? 

That too, in Paris? 

Isn’t it too expensive?.

Yes, Paris is pricey!

But, that’s not the reality for students. In fact, Paris is a well-to-do place for the students, even if they are low on budget. The credit goes to the French government. The government body has crafted some policies that help students live comfortably. 

There are transportation discounts for students and CROUS restaurants. These CROUS restaurants are university-subsidized and are run at different educational institutions throughout France, offering well-balanced meals to the students. To make the payment, use your student ID to set up an account, or use a mobile application named Izly. If you want to improve your French, there is also a provision – take inexpensive French classes at night offered by the Mairie de Paris (Mayor’s Office) and several other non-profit organizations. You can also apply for housing assistance after you get your visa validated in France. We will cover the accommodation facilities for the students in the latter part of the writeup. 

Choose The Subject You Like

Think of any subject, and Paris is here to provide you with the most comprehensive course on it. Whether it is art, social science, humanities, natural science, economics, business, music, fashion, technology or medicine – Paris has it all covered. It doesn’t matter if you are a graduate or an undergraduate student, you will easily find programs that match your interests and study plan.

A-1 Colleges And Universities

The top-notch colleges and universities in Paris provide all-inclusive study programs for the students. The students are given in-class workshops and group projects which are designed for a deep understanding of the subject. They also have to attend lectures and carry out independent research works to develop and refine skills and knowledge.

Here is the list of top-ranked colleges and universities as declared by the QS World University Rankings® 2020

  1. Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL)
  2. École Polytechnique (ParisTech)
  3. Sorbonne University
  4. Sciences Po Paris
  5. Télécom ParisTech
  6. École des Ponts ParisTech
  7. University of Paris (Université de Paris)
  8. Université Paris-Sud 11
  9. Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  10. École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay (ENS-Paris Saclay)

Learn To Speak French

French is one of the most widely spoken languages globally. And, if you can master the language properly, that will be a good add-on brightening your resume. Moreover, you can leverage the ability to speak French throughout your life in various aspects. 

So, don’t you think studying in Paris with so many Parisians around will help you learn their language easily? 

You can also enroll yourself for a French language course in Paris. As we have earlier stated, there are many non-profit organizations offering French classes for nominal fees.

Immersing In The Culture Is Easy

Paris is decorated with vibrant streets, beautiful architectural works, and high-end fashion stores. You have endless possibilities to immerse yourself in the culture of Paris. Roam around, absorb the delicacy of the city. And, you will be happier to know that most of the French museums and monuments are owned by the government and thus offer free admission to the students. So take the opportunity to witness the charm and warmth of the most beloved places of the world. 

Pocket-Friendly Accommodation

In Paris, there are plenty of choices for accommodation for students. There are university residence halls for students, which are managed by France’s regional centers called CROUS (centers régionaux des œuvres universitaires et scolaires). These residences are owned by the French government and are subsidized for the students. Here, the monthly rent is low, and the buildings are close to the college or university campus. 

Next comes the international student residence in Paris. It is called the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP). It is a collection of residences for university students, scholars, and scientists. The room rent depends on the amenities, individual’s age and duration of stay.

There are also student residences that are privately owned by companies. Here, the rents are comparatively higher than that of CROUS accommodation. You will also find hostels run by non-profit organizations. This type of lodging is mainly for interns and apprentices. 


After a tiring day, want to catch up with your friends? Paris has so many places where you can enjoy yourself with your friends. You can go for a food tour in Paris and explore the regional dishes. Paris has an array of trendy bars and clubs offering cocktails, wines, and other favored drinks. Some of these are the student’s hotspots. Even if someone in your group is fond of classical music, take them to opera houses. There are many to choose from.

Concluding Thoughts

Walking the streets of Paris itself is a sensational experience. There is so much to see and experience. So, if you have planned to study abroad, Paris can be the right choice. It’s time to put your plan to execution. There are a lot many things to consider when you are opting to study abroad. You can hire a leading Europe visa consultant in Ahmedabad so that the whole process is done seamlessly.