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Study in Australia- A Beginning of Amazing Life

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By : Dhruv Shah, Partner


When do you think about Australia? What are the things that click to your mind when you hear about Australia? Many people think Australia is an ideal destination for vacation, animals, clean air, outback bush, kangaroos, beaches, and water. But, Australia is much more than that, the country is also known for the education system and a country that offers a wide range of opportunities to the immigrants. It is the place considered as the holy grail by many students as 8 out of its 100 universities are on the top Universities are in Australia. Make sure to take the help of an Australia student visa consultant for a hassle-free and fast process understanding.

If you are still not sure, we are here to help you by listing down the reasons why Australia should be the top choice for foreign education?

A Destination that offers world-class education

Australia is known for its world-class education system that focuses on the changing industrial needs and practical knowledge, which might not be possible in the majority of countries. In 2019, 7 of its universities bagged the position in the top 100 universities of the world QS World University Rankings. Have a glimpse of these universities:

1. The Australian National University

2. The University of Melbourne

3. The University of Sydney

4. The University of New South Wales

5. The University of Queensland

6. Monash University

7. University of Western Australia

Global Recognition

Degrees from Australian universities are recognized widely by companies and other educational institutions around the world. There are a large number of courses offered by the universities in almost every subject from engineering, health science, literature, accounting, and medicines. Australian universities have an excellent reputation for quality education with practical knowledge. Even employers widely appreciate candidates who have Australian degrees as they consider them well equipped with theoretical knowledge as well as skills to fulfill the job at a satisfactory level.

Affordable course fees

The study course in Australia is very much affordable as compared to other top educational hubs. Even the Australian government also helps students by sponsoring programs like scholarships, grants, and lots more. The study course is designed in such a way that it allows students to work part-time to support the educational and living cost. Generally, a good academic score is a prime reason to get the benefits of the scholarship; however, many universities consider excellence in sports and other extra-curricular activities for scholarship benefits.

Culturally diverse country

Australia is a country of diversity that has got an immense passion for sports, entertainment, and food. At college campuses, you have the chance to meet and understand the diverse people coming from different countries and beautiful cultures. People from 200 countries have migrated to the country and have added beautiful cultures to this paradise. Even it is considered as safest, low crime rate country with very strict laws. Students and professors are readily accepting international students and help them to get comfortable.

Offer enormous scope of work opportunities

International students are allowed to work upto 40 hours in a fortnight to meet the tuition as well as regular expenses. Even students can stay and work after graduation gets complete by grabbing a post-study work visa. Those who have completed graduation in accounting, engineering, and information technology can get a chance to enrol in the Professional Year Program(PYC). It is specially meant to develop industry-specific skills and prepare them for a professional career in Australia. Even after completing PYC, chances to gain permanent residency gets higher.

Easy visa formalities

When compared to other top destinations of foreign education, Australia has a very easy and smooth visa process. The lengthy and costly visa application process can land students into frustration mode, which ultimately leads to burying off the dream of studying abroad. The visa process is quite easy as it takes less processing time and less number of documents

Offers a great standard of life

The country has got major cities like Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide. These cities are the most student-friendly and considered livable places in the World. One can enjoy incomparable life with strong technological advanced transportation, excellent infrastructure, healthcare facilities, a quality lifestyle, and beautiful landscapes.

Rights for international students

The Australian government is very particular about its international student’s safety and rights. It has got strict consumer protection for international students to protect the interest of students as a global educational destination. It becomes mandatory to meet the strict guidelines and government regulations in all programs offered to the oversea students.

A beautiful country with beautiful reasons

There are multiple reasons to choose Australia as a study destination; by now, you have understood the importance of its degree across the globe. But along with the great study options, you must check out the following reasons to choose this country. 

    • A great destination for the coffee lover
    • Home to some great beaches in the World
    • A country of diversity and amazing culture
    • A country of the perfect climate
    • Sip a bottle of best wines in the World
    • Home to 19 UNESCO sites
    • The country of the beautiful living reef – The Great Barrier Reef
    • A visit to the Pink Lake is a must thing to do in life
    • A Paradise for Surfers
    • Home of the world’s whitest sand-Hyam’s Beach in NSW
    • A country of friendliest’s people

Take a Leap Towards your Australian Dream now!

Australia is a beautiful destination for educational purposes. With the right program and right college, you can make a progressive leap towards a bright future. Hire the service of Australia immigration consultants in Ahmedabad for the proper guidelines to select the universities and visa process.