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5 But-Obvious Reasons to Study In Canada

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By : Dhruv Shah, Partner

Study In Canada



“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X.

To get into a better future, you will need the best education today. What is ‘best education’? The education that doesn’t only define bookish knowledge, but also allows you to grow personally, socially, and professionally altogether is the best education.

When we talk about getting a high-class education, studying aboard seems to be the better option. And why not? This is the phase where you have decided about studying aboard, and have dozens of options. Options as in the country to select, like USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, etc. Of which Canada has been designated as the ‘best place to study.’ 

Canada welcomes more than 5 lac, international students, every year of which 1 lac is from India, and these numbers have been increasing significantly. Definitely, there is a plus-factor in this bilingual country (Did you know? Canada has two languages as an integral part of the educational system – French and English.)

Apart from cold winters and maple syrup, Canada has the most excellent education system too. Here we are mentioning the five best reasons to study in Canada.

1. High-Quality Education System

27 of the Canadian universities are in the list of top 1000 by Times Higher Education World University Rankings list, of which three are in the top 100. It encourages the education system comprising of cutting-edge technology and digital media. The Canadian degree, certificate, and diploma are recognized worldwide and are equivalent to the degrees attained from other countries. Apart from this, the Canadian education system is pretty flexible, too. It allows students to explore their interests through electives and selecting the Major. It benefits students in two ways – first is, they will be able to explore and discover their interests, and second is its consecutive outcome – they will learn what they love.

2. Easier Visa Acquisition

The best reason is the visa acquisition. You know how hard it is to get a visa to study in the US due to their stricter norms. But Canada is giving tough competition to the US in the numbers of immigrant students, and a significant reason for the same is the Easier Aquisition of Visa. You can acquire a student visa from any Visa Consultant; for instance, Elsner Visa Consultancy is one of the best Canada student visa Consultant in Ahmedabad. Likewise, there are many other visa consultancies that can help you out with the visa grant.

3. Low Cost of Education

Studying in Canada is more pocket-friendly compared to studying in other countries. According to CanadIM, the average annual tuition for an undergraduate international student in Canada is $27,159 CAD. As well as, students holding a temporary study permit can also opt for a part-time job. Canadian university allows a student to work for 20 hours a week during the study period and 40 hours a week during the holiday period (depending on the course they have chosen). This way, you can gain an ‘earn and learn both at a time’ experience.

4. Multicultural Country

Every year there are more than one million immigrants that lands in Canada. And it is expecting 350,000 immigrants annually in 2021. With the increase in numbers, there is also an increase in the cultures in the country. It has been declared as the most multicultural country in the world. Here you will find 60% of the new immigrants from Asia, particularly from China and India. Every other region has different etiquettes and customs. You will easily find vibrant ethnicities from activities to food culture. Plus, as we stated above, it’s a bilingual country, it gets easier to communicate with people.

5. A Beautiful and Safe Place to Live

This is one of the most attractive points on why to study in Canada. Canada is in the good books for its education system and even average costing per year but what about living the life there? Everything is perfect, but the main question that will bother you and your family is – Is it a safe place to live? Canada is a no-doubt-beautiful place surrounded by three oceans (the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Arctic). The weather is a bit chilly but mostly lovable (put in extra sweaters). And when we spell-out word ‘safety’, Canadian university, as well as government both, are super concerned about the safety of students both medically and as a citizen. From health to security, everything is up-to-date. It is blindly trustable.

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Life In Canada as a Student:

Once there, you won’t miss out on anything. First of all, people there are heartwarming and open-minded, and second of all, you will grow socially, personally, and professionally. And as we said, the best education is the pathway to a better future. Along with it, you will experience the best of shopping malls, art galleries, theaters, cafeterias, and exhibition halls. You can participate in events and cultural festivals organized by the university and enhance your knowledge about ethnicity in the country. Now the quote, “You can’t buy happiness but you can live in Canada, and that’s pretty much the same thing,” makes sense, right? What are you waiting for then? Enroll now.