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Major Challenges Encountered by Students While Studying Abroad

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By : Harshal Shah, Director

Challenges encountered by students while studiying abroad


Studying abroad gives a student a chance to grow professionally, academically, and personally. The tenure in the foreign country is ambiguous as it includes uncountable learning lessons served in the platter of numerous challenges. The idea of studying abroad thrills most of the students, the intention to live a new place, making new friends, a new place to discover, an approach to be independent but soon reality strike when you actually land there. We are not here to discourage you from problems, but we are preparing you to be ready and face them bravely. In the following post, you will find the few challenges that students often find in a foreign nation. By the way, a right and reliable visa consultant like us can be your guarding light in your journey.

1. Language Barriers


Did they serve your cat eyeballs when your order was a chicken dish? Did you board the train to Spain and ended up in Russia?

The foremost common challenge faced by students is the 360-degree change in accent and language. People might be using the local slangs and local words for a particular thing that might be alien to you. Consider such problems as a challenge instead of repenting on the discussion of foreign study. To fight with such barriers, make the best use of the translator app or ask local friends to fight the local barrier problem. Slowly and steady, you will get to use with all local slangs and language.

2. Homesickness


Are you missing your stupid fight with siblings? Do you miss your mother’s advice on what to wear and what not?

The above problem is termed as homesickness. Believe it or not but definitely, you will be going to get homesickness and its very natural. But it is just a phase, and slowly but gradually it will pass. To beat this phase, get involved in new interests, adventure or any activity to be part of the mainstream. Try to meet the native of your country, and we are sure once you find your comfort zone with local and your native place students, the journey will be much better.

3.Fear of Missing Out


Fear of Missing Out or FOMO is another common problem faced by people living in their own country, but it gets triple when you are in a foreign country thousands of miles away from your people and your comfort zone. To beat this FOMO try to spend less time on the internet and spend some time to explore the place. One of the best ways to win over this feeling is by stop imagining and asking yourself, “What if I was in my country”, what if this or what if that”. The overthink only lead to nowhere, so Get Up and make the best of the present time.

4.Cultural Differences


Every country has its own culture and its beauty. Sometimes students feel immense difficulty in adjusting with the cultural differences. Take an example, in one country handshake, is considered as a kind gesture and normal while in another country it is considered offensive and impolite. Instead of losing hope, immerse the culture, and norms with open arms. Try to embrace the beauty of culture and act like local to be part of the group.

5.Time Zone War


When you are new to a country, the prime challenge is to keep a track of the time zone. There will be situations where you have to respond to the Skype call of your bank back in the country at midnight or mommy calling in the middle of a college lecture. The best way to knock off this challenge is to keep track of the time zone on a smartphone. Initially, it would be not very easy, but later on, things will get easy to understand and handle.


Once you overcome these challenges or barriers in a foreign land, you will surely enjoy the study phase of life. Take the journey of education abroad as a mission of life, and things will fall in place. Your positive and never learning attitude can help to fight these minimal problems. For smooth and right guidance, make sure to hire the services experienced and the best immigration consultant.